XIRIUM PRO | Digital Wireless Audio Solution

Neutrik® XIRIUM PRO® delivers studio quality, full bandwidth, zero-compression wireless audio over long distances with extremely low latency while significantly reducing labor costs. As a true replacement for cable bound systems, it eliminates the often difficult and time consuming task of running cables. XIRIUM PRO is great for live events, houses of worship, auditoriums and any application where it is difficult, awkward or dangerous to run a cable. The free XIRIUM PRO app is available for iOS and Android devices and facilitates the settings of all function parameters and the monitoring of the wireless devices.

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XIRIUM PRO | Greater reliability using the repeater as a redundant audio source
(extended true diversity).

Beside enhancing the range or overcoming obstacles, the RX-repeater offers another feature: since the repeater duplicates and transmits the signals received from the TX, it becomes a second redundant audio source for every other RX. In other words, an RX located within the reception area of an TX and a repeater, can now choose one of two identical signals and automatically selects the one with the better signal quality.

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