ProBlox® | Video • Audio • Data • All In One Connectivity.

The ProBlox® multiconnector system is a cost-effective solution for bundling numerous signals, combining 16 coax and 26 audio/data/control contacts in one connector. This configuration allows for fast and simple set-up and tear-down in applications such as remote broadcasting, fly-packs, rental, rack staging, corporate settings, podiums, and more, saving both time and money in the field. ProBlox is field-terminatable and custom configurable for numerous combinations. It can be used anywhere HDTV, video, VGA, analog/digital audio, control signals, or DC power needs to be fed to a single location. Built of rugged and durable components, and offering true 75-ohm video contacts for an HD signal, the ProBlox system reduces the number of individual connectors, eliminating clutter and offering a clean, professional, finished look.

BTX's ProBlox-D® all-in-one connector system is the A/V industry's first to incorporate multiple data, HD video, audio, and control signals in a single connector. The system contains two Cat 5e connectors along with 16 HD video and 18 audio and control contacts — all field-terminatable. The addition of the Cat 5e components takes advantage of all the signals, including HDMI, DVI, and VGA, that can now effectively be run over one or two Cat 5e cables.

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16 HD Video + 26 Audio


"D" Version up to 16 HD Video, 2 CAT5e + 18 Audio


CT. School District Updates Video Production with ProBlox


ProBlox™ Multi-Connector System Now Included on BigFoot Mobile Systems Carts


ProBlox Connector System Saves Time for Broadcast Installations

ProBlox & ProBlox-D Termination Tutorial Video

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