MaxBlox® | Solderless Solutions

No Soldering.  No Crimping.  Easy to install.  Saves time and money.

The BTX patented MaxBlox EZ Termination System is an innovative, rugged design that allows installers to terminate an HD15, DB9, 3.5mm, RCA or S-Video connector with just a screwdriver, and mount it in a panel, plate, or MaxBlox hood in a fraction of the time it would take to solder, saving both time and money.

When used in conjunction with the MaxBlox hood, these connectors simply slide, snap and lock into the hood without the use of tools. Optimized for use in any A/V application where VGA or RS-232 controls are used, the HD15 and DB9 connectors are manufactured by BTX with genuine Phoenix Contact terminal blocks, the industry standard for reliability. The system accommodates wire diameters, from .120 inch. to .500 inch.

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HD15 (male and female)


DB9 (male and female)


3.5mm (male and female)


RCA (female)


S-Video (male and female)

MaxBlox Installation Video

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